We can't deny it, Vieques has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and we're not the only ones who think so! If you're looking for an island getaway like you see in magazines - this is the place for you! The Lazy Hostel is located fifteen feet from the Caribbean ocean and within easy walking distance to seven amazing beaches including Sun Bay, Black Sand Beach, Media Luna and Coconut Beach

We have some great snorkeling! There are reefs with fire coral and Mosquito Pier has sea turtles. If you looking for something within walking distance to the hostel there is the old sugar pier, Cayo Afuera and the sunken sailboat all within a five minute walk

Vieques has a rich history. From Spanish pirates to sugar plantations to the US military, this island has seen it all and has the ruins to prove it! Visit the forts and lighthouses, hike around the sugar mill ruins, explore the archeological site and search though hundreds of abandoned military bunkers. History enthusiasts will be in heaven!

Tropical island vacations conjure up visions of hammocks and umbrella festooned cocktails. With beautiful sunsets and more than enough palm trees to go around Vieques is a great place for some rest and relaxation

Vieques is home to the largest wildlife refuge in the Caribbean as well as the oldest Cieba tree in the Caribbean so we take our natural wonders seriously. Walk around the island and you'll find not just beaches but mangroves, cacti, and hundreds of wild horses

We love a good festival! It's a time to come together for amazing food, cocktails and dancing so we celebrate everything from saints to oxen throughout the year

There are more than 13 restaurants and bars within a ten minute walk from the Lazy Hostel and they serve everything from fish tacos to fillet mignon. You can eat traditional rice and beans from a food truck then walk across the street for a glass of champagne. You will have a hard time deciding what to try next!

The bioluminescent Bay is one of the most popular attractions on the island because it's one of the last in the world. Seeing the dinoflagellates light up on a dark night is really amazing and a must see for any Vieques trip

Do you kayak? Paddle board? Jet ski? Sail? Like many islands Vieques has a unique relationship with the water and many of our favorite activities are in, on or around it. There are lots of rental companies as well as tours and charters to fit whatever sport you're into